New Opinion about Vaginal Bleeding In Young Children

  • Dehua Wan
Keywords: Vaginal bleeding;Foreign body; Malignant tumors; Anesthesia


There are many reasons for vaginal bleeding in young children. Diagnostic approach include non-invasive
examination and invasive examination. But invasive examination itself can sometimes cause further harm.
Therefore, careful selection of inspection methods is necessary. However, due to the lack of experience, it is
difficult for clinicians to choose time of the invasive examination .The goal of our study was to show interested
physicians which types of patients should be selected for invasive examination. We reviewed in our hospital of
28 cases of vaginal bleeding, less than 10 years old, collect all the patient's medical history, physical
examination, including general physical examination, vulva, and anus examination and ultrasonic examination
results (collectively Hereinafter referred to as HPU), 1 years later to follow-up of patients, collect bleeding
duration (Hereinafter referred to as BD) and the diagnosis, If the BD is more than 1 week, there's a clinical
significance . According to the results of HPU and BD to analyze the need for invasive procedures. In the 18
patients, only 2 patients needed invasive examination combined with the two factors of HPU and BD, which
was consistent with the follow-up results. From the results of the study, with negative HPU and BD for more
than 7 days children with vaginal bleeding should receive an invasive examination.