Anthracycline Combined with Dexrazoxane in the Treatment of Breast Cancer and Post-doclinal Care of Patients with PICC

  • Zhifen Feng
Keywords: Right leizoo; onion ring drugs; cardiotoxicity PICC catheter; care


A large number of clinical trials have shown that dextrazoxane (DEX) can effectively prevent the cardiotoxicity
induced by onion rings without affecting the antineoplastic activity of chemotherapeutic drugs. At present, DEX
is mainly used in patients with breast cancer in the turn of life. This article analyzed the treatment of breast
cancer with anthracycline combined with right razosin and the nursing of patients after PICC catheterization.
Complications occurred in 8 patients, including 1 case of infection, 1 case of venous thrombosis, 3 cases of
phlebitis, 2 cases of bleeding after puncture and 1 case of blockage of catheter. After timely nursing and
intervention, all the subjects were satisfied with the effect of chemotherapy without other serious complications.
For breast cancer patients, due to the characteristics of the disease itself, catheter indwelling time is longer, so
the prevention and treatment of catheter-related complications become the focus of nursing treatment. During
the nursing process, it is necessary to observe whether the upper limbs on the catheter side have swelling,
muscle ache, skin temperature increase and skin color change, and to strengthen the preventive treatment of
complications, which can effectively reduce the incidence of complications of indwelling PICC.