Effect of Psychological Intervention Combined with Xelox Chemotherapy on Disease Control and Quality of Life in Patients with Gastrointestinal Cancer

  • Jia Liu
Keywords: Psychological intervention; Xelox chemotherapy drugs; Gastrointestinal cancer; Treatment of depression


This article analyzed the incidence and severity of symptomatic group of patients with gastrointestinal cancer during the chemotherapy period of Xelox(Xeloda+Oxalip), and conducted an intervention study on the common symptom groups of patients to evaluate the psychological intervention combined with Xelox chemotherapy drugs for the gastrointestinal tract during the Xelox chemotherapy period. The effect of common symptom groups in cancer patients. The control group received routine oncology care and the intervention group received a psychological intervention for 3 times.The results showed that the difference between the two groups before and after intervention was compared between the groups, which also showed that the improvement of the indicators in the intervention group was significantly better than the control group (P<0.05). Satisfaction analysis showed that 72% of patients indicated that the intervention had moderate and above effects, 83% of patients expressed their willingness to continue to adhere to this intervention, 53% of patients frequently followed the intervention requirements during home stay, and another 80% of patients I am satisfied with this intervention.Conclusion: Psychological intervention based on psychological theory and patient characteristics design has significant effects on improving negative cognitive and common symptom groups in patients with gastrointestinal cancer during the Xelox chemotherapy period, and the intervention has been recognized by most patients. The symptom group management of chronic disease patients has great practical significance, and the subsequent clinical promotion of the program can be further used.