Value of Ultrasound Evaluation of Fetal Anatomical Abnormalities in Early Pregnancy

  • Ke Sun
Keywords: Early pregnancy systemic ultrasound; Central nervous system; Fetal structural malformation; Medical diagnosis


This article explores the clinical value of systemic ultrasound screening in the diagnosis of fetal structural abnormalities in early pregnancy. 64 pregnant women were selected for early ultrasound fetal screening; pregnant women were pregnant during the period of pregnancy until 22-24 weeks, and the final results were followed.The results showed that there was no significant difference between the detection rate of abnormal fetal in early pregnancy and the detection rate of abnormal fetal in mid-pregnancy (P>0.05). The detection rate of abnormal fetal in early pregnancy was detected in the early pregnancy. There was a significant difference between the groups and the detection rate in the middle pregnancy (P<0.05). Ultrasound screening of fetal structural malformations in early pregnancy totaled 36 types, accounting for the top 3: cervical water cyst and NT thickening (33%), facial abnormalities (25%), anterior abdominal wall abnormalities (11%) In the mid-pregnancy, there were 42 types of fetal structural malformations, including the first three: cardiovascular abnormalities (31%), facial abnormalities (21%), and central nervous system abnormalities (11%).There were significant differences in the distribution rates of various malformations in the systemic ultrasound screening results during early pregnancy and mid-pregnancy.Conclusion: Systemic ultrasound screening in early pregnancy, the detection rate of fetal structural abnormalities is higher, but can not completely replace the mid-term ultrasound examination, and it is suggested that the early and middle joint examination can improve the detection rate of fetal structural abnormalities.