Influence of Hand and Mobile Device Pathogens on Nosocomial Infection in Oncology Department

  • Xiaohui Yan
Keywords: Oncology department; Medical staff; Mobile equipment; Pathogenic bacteria; Nosocomial infection


This paper explores the influence of hand and mobile device pathogens on nosocomial infections in the department of oncology, and provide relevant reference data for clinical. 36 medical staff were temporarily handed before aseptic operation The content of the inoculum was the least, and the amount of temporary bacteria in the hand increased after contact with the patient, after contact with the patient's body fluid, and after contact with the patient's environment, which was statistically significant (P<0.05); 36 mobile phones at different times. There were no significant differences in the temporary bacteria in the segment (P>0.05). Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in the hand pathogens accounted for 75.22% and 27.78%, respectively, and Gram-positive bacteria in mobile phone pathogens. Gram-negative bacteria accounted for 65.71% and 34.29%, respectively. Among these pathogens, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa were the main temporary bacteria in the hands and mobile phones of medical personnel, accounting for 50.00%, respectively. 16.66, 31.43%, 20.00%; live in the same period A total of 3215 patients, 122 cases of nosocomial infection, infection rate of 3.79%, medical staff disinfection rate of 61.11% (22/36), the monthly hospital infection rate as the abscissa, monthly medical staff hand hygiene The disinfection rate was linearly correlated as the ordinate, and there was a negative correlation between them (r=-0.935, P=0.000). The hand hygiene of the medical staff in the oncology department needs to be improved. The hand hygiene rate of the medical staff is negatively correlated with the hospital infection rate. The pathogens of the hand and mobile equipment are related to the hospital infection.