Application of Ticlopidine Hydrochloride Combined with Butylphthalide Capsule in the Treatment of Ischemic Stroke

  • Yumei Li
Keywords: accidente cerebrovascular isquémico; Tabletas de clorhidrato de ticlopidina; Cápsula de butilftalida


This paperanalyzes the clinical study of ticlopidine hydrochloride combined with butylphthalide capsule in the treatment of ischemic stroke. The control group was treated with butylphthalide capsule, and the observation group was treated with ticlopidine hydrochloride. The nerve function, inflammatory factors and therapeutic effect of the two groups were compared and analyzed. After treatment, the levels of inflammatory factors in the two groups were decreased, and the observation group was lower than the control group; the NIHSS score and adverse reactions in the observation group were lower than the control group (P < 0.05); the effect of the observation group was significantly better than the control group (P<0.05). Ticlopidine hydrochloride combined with butylphthalide has a significant effect in the treatment of ischemic stroke. It can effectively reduce the serum inflammatory factors, improve the nerve function, without obvious adverse reactions, safe and reliable, and is worth promoting.