Safety and Effectiveness of Bio Dental Membrane Material in Guided Bone Regeneration

  • Feng Duan
Keywords: Biological prosthetic membrane; Guided bone;Wound infection; Drug treatment


This paper analyses the safety and effectiveness of bio dental membrane materials in the dental implant guided bone regeneration, and to select better bio dental membrane materials for patients with dental implant guided bone regeneration, so as to improve the effect of dental implant guided bone regeneration. The experimental group used absorbable Haiao biological dental repair membrane materials, and the basic group used non absorbable titanium membrane materials. The thickness of bone graft, thickness of bone, success rate of repair and incidence of adverse reactions were compared between the two groups. In the experimental group, the degree of postimplantation and the thickness of bone were (2.44 ± 0.52) mm and (2.66 ± 0.59) mm, respectively, which were higher than those in the basic group (2.11 ± 0.37) mm and (2.34 ± 0.36) mm. The success rate of the experimental group was 95.24%, which was higher than that in the basic group (80.95%). The reasons for the failure were the rejection of biofilm, the loosening of implants and the incalculability of patient evaluation. The incidence of adverse reactions in the experimental group was 4.76%, lower than that in the basic group (23.81%). There were statistically significant differences in adverse reactions, including local swelling of teeth, laceration, membrane exposure and wound infection (P < 0.05). Compared with the non absorbable titanium membrane material, the absorbable Haiao bio dental membrane material has higher bone thickness and thickness, higher success rate, less adverse reactions, and better safety and effectiveness. It is recommended to promote the use of Haiao bio dental membrane material in clinical practice.