Paroxetine Combined with Music Intervention in the Treatment of Moderate and Severe Burn Patients

  • Xiang Duo
Keywords: Paroxetine drug; Music therapy; Burn injure; TNF α factor


The immune function of the body is inhibited in different degrees after burn, and cytokines play an important role as inflammatory mediators in the pathogenesis of burn. The abnormal psychological reactions after burn include anxiety, depression, disability, disfigurement and delayed trauma.Music therapy is a holistic scientific treatment process, which mainly uses music experience as a means to trigger therapeutic change. Research shows that music therapy can significantly alleviate the anxiety of patients with mental illness and chemotherapy. On the other hand, music therapy can also help them build self-confidence, gain sense of value and self-realization.The clinical study showed that the level of TNF and IL-6 in the treatment group was lower than that in the burn control group (P > 0.05). The levels of TNF and IL-6 in the depression control group were significantly higher than those in the other two groups (P < 0.05).It can be concluded that the depression of burn patients, as a form of psychological stress, has a direct impact on inflammatory mediators in the process of burn stress.