Sodium Lactate Ringer Solution Combined with High Quality Nursing Intervention on Patients with Traumatic Hemorrhagic Shock and Coagulation Effect

  • Zhaoxin Zhai
Keywords: Traumatic hemorrhagic shock; Sodium lactate Ringer's solution; Blood oxygen saturation; Nursing intervention


Traumatic hemorrhagic shock jeopardizes the life of the patient. If the patient is not treated in time, the patient will fall into a vicious circle of hypothermia-metabolic acidosis-coagulation dysfunction triad, and the mortality rate is higher. This paper analyzes the effect of sodium lactate Ringer's solution combined with high-quality nursing intervention on the resuscitation effect and coagulation function of patients with traumatic hemorrhagic shock. Restrictive fluid resuscitation refers to the control of fluid infusion rate and infusion volume when the body is in hemorrhagic shock with active bleeding. Keep the blood pressure of the body at a low level that can effectively guarantee the blood supply of important organs. The results showed that the effective rate of the observation group was 78%, which was higher than 52% of the control group; the incidence of complications in the observation group was 9%, low. In the control group, 26%, the difference was statistically significant (P <0.05). The implementation of high-quality emergency nursing intervention for patients with severe traumatic hemorrhagic shock can improve the success rate of rescue and reduce the incidence of complications, which is worthy of clinical reference.