Clinical Nursing Effect of Kanghuier Ulcer Plaster in the Treatment of Phlebitis after PICC Catheterization

  • Haiyang Cao
Keywords: PICC catheterization; Kanghuier ulcer patch; Phlebitis; Clinical nursing


This paper discusses the clinical effect of Kanghuier ulcer plaster in the treatment of phlebitis after PICC. The incidence of phlebitis and the time of pain relief in each group were observed. The results showed that the incidence of phlebitis was 24% in Kanghuier ulcer patch group, 31% in Qingdai ointment group, 34% in heparin sodium ointment group, the average healing time of 68 patients with phlebitis after chemotherapy was (5.21 ± 1.21) d, the average healing time of Kanghuier ulcer patch group was (4.25 ± 0.43) d, the average healing time of Qingdai ointment group was (5.35 ± 0.17) d, and the average healing time of heparin sodium ointment group was The average cure time of sodium ointment was (6.34 ± 0.35) days. There was statistical significance in the cure time of phlebitis after chemotherapy in different external application groups; the test showed that there was statistical significance in the pain relief time between different external application groups. Kanghuier ulcer patch, Qingdai ointment and heparin sodium ointment can reduce the incidence of phlebitis. Kanghuier ulcer patch has good effect on prevention of phlebitis, is convenient to use, can better reduce the cost of patients and save the working time of nurses.