Application of Endoscopy in the Evaluation of Swallowing Function after the Treatment of Head and Neck Tumor

  • Yuan He
Keywords: Endoscopy; X-ray; Head and neck neoplasms; Swallowing function; Sensitivity


To explore the value of endoscopy in the evaluation of swallowing function after treatment of head and neck tumor. The functional oral feeding scale and Anderson dysphagia scale were used for evaluation one week and three months after radiotherapy, while X-ray was used for evaluation The results of X-ray examination in swallowing were taken as the gold standard. The results of dysphagia were analyzed, and the sensitivity and specificity of fiber endoscopy were counted. Kappa test was used to evaluate the consistency of the results of the two methods. Results: one week after radiotherapy, the scores of functional oral intake scale (P<0.05), Anderson dysphagia scale and the scores of all dimensions were obtained was statistically significant compared with that before treatment; the scores of functional oral feeding scale (P<0.05), Anderson dysphagia scale and all dimensions were statistically significant compared with that before treatment. The sensitivity and specificity of all levels of dysphagia were over 90% and 100% respectively. By kappa test, the consistency of the two methods is strong, kappa value is 0.94. Conclusion: fiberoptic endoscopy has high sensitivity and specificity. It is a reliable assessment method of dysphagia, which is helpful to guide the patients' diet management and rehabilitation treatment, and is worthy of clinical application.