Correlation between Coagulation Function and Inflammatory Cytokine Levels in Patients with ICU Sepsis

  • Yakun Zhan
Keywords: Sepsis; Coagulation; Inflammatory cytokines; Correlation


To investigate the relationship between plasma prothrombin time (PT), activated partial thrombin time (APTT)
and procalcitonin (PCT), C-reactive protein (CRP) and white blood cells (WBC) in patients with ICU sepsis.
Correlation, provide a reference for clinical treatment of ICU sepsis patients. The blood coagulation function
and inflammatory cytokine levels in the two groups were detected and compared. The prognosis of coagulation
function and inflammatory cytokine levels were compared, and the relationship between coagulation function
and inflammatory cytokines was analyzed. Compared with non-septic patients, PT, APTT, CRP, PCT, and
WBC were significantly increased in patients with sepsis (P<0.001). Compared with survival group, death group
PT, APTT, CRP PCT and WBC indicators were significantly increased (P<0.001); sepsis serum PT, APTT,
PCT were positively correlated with CRP and WBC. The WBC, CRP and PCT indicators can be combined in
the pre-diagnosis of patients with sepsis. The dynamic monitoring of coagulation function can predict the
severity of the patient's condition, which is of great significance for clinical rational treatment and prognosis