Evaluation of the Effect of New Imaging Technology on Osteoporosis

  • Xiujie Duan
Keywords: Osteoporosis; Digital radiography; X-ray image


To study the comparison of digital radiography and X-ray in the evaluation of osteoporosis. 252 suspected OP
patients admitted to our hospital from September 2018 to August 2019, who met the inclusion criteria and
exclusion criteria, were selected as the research objects. All patients were first tested with digital radiation
images, and then tested with X-ray images. Based on the op diagnostic criteria in the guidelines for the
diagnosis and treatment of primary osteoporosis (2017), different images were recorded for all patients Methods
the detection results (true positive cases, false positive cases, true negative cases, false negative cases), detection
time and radiation amount, and calculate the sensitivity, specificity and diagnosis rate. There were 198 true
positive cases, 45 true negative cases, 3 false positive cases and 6 false negative cases. There were 177 true
positive cases, 27 true negative cases, 21 false positive cases and 27 false negative cases. The sensitivity,
specificity and diagnosis rate of digital radiography are higher than that of X-ray, and the detection time and
radiation amount are lower than that of X-ray. In the diagnosis of OP patients, compared with X-ray images,
digital radiography has the advantages of high sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and small adverse reactions,
which is worthy of clinical application.