Experimental Study of Qingganningfei Decoction on Cough Variant Asthma Model Rats

  • Yuan Li
Keywords: Qingganningfei decoction; Cough variant asthma; Rat model


To explore the clinical effect of Qingganningfei Decoction on cough variant asthma model rats. The rat model
of cough variant asthma was reproduced by capsaicin and egg protein, and divided into Qingganningfeitang
group, dexamethasone tablet group, model control group and normal control group. The number of coughs in 2
minutes, the body mass index of the heart, trachea, and lung, and mortality were used as indicators. The number
of coughs in the model control group rats was significantly higher than that in the normal control group (P
<0.05). At the same time, compared with the normal control group, the heart, tracheal and lung body mass
indexes of the model control group rats were significantly increased (P <0.05); the above indicators were
significantly improved after drug treatment, and the difference was statistically significant (P <0.05). The
Qinggan Ningfei decoction group and the dexamethasone tablet group had a faster onset rate, but compared with
the The mortality of rats in the Ganningfei Decoction group (20%) and dexamethasone tablets group (50%) was
higher (P <0.05). Qinggan Ningfei Decoction can achieve effective treatment of cough variant asthma, improve
clinical symptoms and related body mass index of patients, and its clinical value is significant.