Progress in Diagnosis and Treatment of Recurrent Abortion with Low Blocking Antibodies

  • Feifei Zhou
Keywords: Recurrent Abortion; Blocking Antibody; Immunotherapy


Recurrent abortion is a common obstetric and gynecological disease. It is mostly related to maternal
reproductive tract infections, chromosomal abnormalities, genetic defects and endocrine disorders, but immune
factors are more important. Among them, low blocking antibody is one of the main immune factors, which has a
serious impact on patients' physical and mental health. At present, clinical tests such as complement-dependent
cytotoxicity test and EA rosette inhibition test are often used to check the level of blocking antibodies in patients,
and lymphocyte immunotherapy or intravenous immunoglobulin therapy is used to improve patient closure.
Increasing antibody levels can reduce the incidence of recurrent miscarriages