Application of Dual Energy CT in Diagnosis and Typing of Renal Cancer

  • Hairong Lyu
Keywords: Renal cell carcinoma; Dual energy; Diagnosis; Classification of renal cell carcinoma


To investigate the application of dual energy CT in the diagnosis and typing of renal cancer. Ninety patients
with renal cancer who were treated in our hospital from January 2017 to June 2019 were selected as the research
subjects, and all were subjected to dual-energy CT examinations. The pathological diagnosis results were used
as the standard to observe the imaging performance and examination results. here were no significant
differences in CT values between renal parenchyma, renal cancer, psoas muscle, and abdominal aorta between
virtual plain scan and conventional plain scan (P> 0.05); there was no significant difference in signal-to-noise
ratio between virtual plain scan and conventional plain scan (P> 0.05). CT values of papillary carcinoma during
plain scan are higher, but CT values of parenchymal, excretory, and arterial phases of clear cell carcinoma are
higher than other types (P <0.05); there is no comparison between dual-energy CT staging and pathological
staging Significant difference (P> 0.05). Dual-energy CT detection can effectively identify different stages and
types of renal cancer, and its image quality and detection rate are higher, which is worthy of promotion.