Diagnostic Value of Combined Detection of MxA and CRP in the Etiology of Purulent Tonsillitis in Children

  • Jihong Huang
Keywords: EB virus; Purulent tonsillitis;Expression of MxA; CRP levels


To study the clinical characteristics and the expression of MxA and CRP in children with suppurative tonsillitis
caused by different pathogens. 103 children with suppurative tonsillitis with clear pathogens were selected. The
clinical symptoms and signs of suppurative tonsillitis caused by different pathogens were compared. MxA was
detected by ELISA and CRP was detected by immunoturbidimetry. It is difficult to judge the pathogens of
purulent tonsillitis based on symptoms and signs alone. MxA and CRP in blood of children with purulent
tonsillitis caused by different pathogens are statistically significant; compared with children infected with
GABHS and MP, EB virus and adenovirus MxA levels were significantly increased in infected children, while
CRP levels were lower in children infected with Epstein-Barr virus and MP. In addition to purulent tonsillitis
caused by GABHS, EB virus, adenovirus, and MP infections also account for a considerable part. The combined
detection of MxA and CRP can help judge the pathogen of purulent tonsillitis.