Effect of Spironolactone, Losartan combined with Metoprolol on the Efficacy and Cardiac Function in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure

  • Dongmei Wang
Keywords: Chronic heart failure; Cardiac function; Losartan; Spironolactone; Metoprolol


To study the effects of losartan and spironolactone combined with metoprolol in the treatment of patients with
chronic heart failure and their effects on cardiac function. Group A was treated with spironolactone and
metoprolol. Group B was treated with losartan and metoprolol. The clinical treatment effect and cardiac function
and the incidence of adverse reactions were observed. The total effective rate of group A was significantly
higher than that of group B after treatment (P<0.05). The LVEF group after treatment was significantly higher
than group B than group B. Statistically significant (P<0.05); LVEDV and LVESV were significantly lower
than group B, the difference was statistically significant (P<0.05); the incidence of adverse reactions and the
total incidence during treatment were compared. Significant difference (P>0.05). Spironolactone combined with
metoprolol has significant efficacy in the treatment of chronic heart failure, and the improvement of cardiac
function is better.