A Study of Consumers’ Attention on “Food Nutrition” during the COVID-19 Outbreak

  • MA Fengcai
Keywords: COVID-19; Consumers; Food nutrition; Attention


In the context of the covid-19 epidemic, this paper investigated consumers' concerns about food nutrition through an online questionnaire. Logistic model was used to analyze the factors influencing consumers' attention to food nutrition. The results show that: the level of consumer education, whether there are children aged 15 and under or elderly aged 65 and over in the family, the extent to which consumers understand food nutrition, the extent to which consumers’ understanding how food nutrition improves their immunity, the government's efforts to regulate food safety, the extent to which the government popularization and publicity food nutrition, the extent to which the media and advertisements publicity the nutrition of food, the prevalence of food nutrition in the community, have significant positive impact on consumers' attention to food nutrition. According to the research results, some measures were proposed, such as improving consumers' subjective consciousness and cognition level, giving play to the information-oriented role of new media and communities, and strengthening the government's propaganda and supervision on food nutrition.