Effect of Prophylactic Use of Antibiotics in Class I Incision Operation and Nursing Analysis

  • Sang Shenghua
Keywords: Clinical pharmacy; Rational use of drugs; Antibiotics; Class I incision operation


Through the investigation of large sample data of CPMS, it is found that there are many unreasonable
phenomena in the prophylactic application of antibiotics in class I incision surgery, such as unclear indication of
drug use, too high starting point of prophylactic application of antibiotics, incorrect administration time and the
existence of combined drug use. The selection of antibiotics should be based on the types of common pathogens,
the types of incision and the susceptibility factors of patients. In principle, we should choose a relatively broadspectrum,
effective, safe and relatively low-cost antibacterial drugs, cephalosporin is the most suitable for the
above conditions. Among the 15 kinds of antibiotics with high utilization rate, there are 3 kinds of second
generation cephalosporins: cefmendor dipivoxil, cefenicillin and cefotiam. In terms of the top 10 departments in
the use rate of antibiotics in class I incision surgery, the selection of antibiotics is also based on the first and
second generation cephalosporins. Because of the low price of such drugs, the drug cost of patients is generally